Co-Scholastic Activities at HIE High School

Nurturing Well-Rounded Students Through Sports

At HIE High School, we believe in the holistic development of our students. Our co-scholastic activities, particularly in sports, play a crucial role in building character, promoting physical fitness, and fostering teamwork. We offer a diverse range of sports programs from Grades 1 to 10, ensuring every student has the opportunity to discover and excel in their preferred activities. Explore our sports offerings and see how we encourage students to lead active, healthy, and balanced lives.


Building Strength, Teamwork, and Resilience

At HIE High School, we recognize the importance of sports in developing well-rounded individuals. Our comprehensive sports program for Grades 1 to 10 is designed to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and personal discipline. Through our diverse range of sports, students have the opportunity to discover their passions, enhance their skills, and build lifelong healthy habits.


Our swimming program is designed to develop strong swimmers and instill a love for the water. With professional coaches and state-of-the-art facilities, students learn various swimming techniques, improve their stamina, and compete in inter-school events. Swimming not only enhances physical fitness but also boosts confidence and discipline.

Horse Riding

Horse riding at HIE High School offers a unique opportunity for students to connect with nature and develop important life skills. Our well-maintained stables and experienced instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Students learn horsemanship, build physical strength, and develop patience and empathy through this engaging sport.


Cricket is a cherished sport at HIE High School, promoting teamwork, strategic thinking, and athleticism. Our cricket program includes comprehensive training sessions, regular practice matches, and participation in tournaments. With excellent facilities and expert coaching, students refine their skills and enjoy the spirit of this beloved game.


Our football program aims to cultivate passionate and skilled players. Through rigorous training and friendly matches, students enhance their agility, coordination, and teamwork. With access to top-notch fields and guidance from seasoned coaches, our footballers are well-prepared to compete and excel both on and off the field.


Tennis at HIE High School encourages students to develop their agility, strength, and strategic thinking. Our program offers individualized coaching, allowing students to improve their techniques and participate in competitive matches. The emphasis on sportsmanship and discipline helps students grow both as athletes and individuals.


Taekwondo is more than just a martial art at HIE High School; it’s a way to build character, discipline, and self-defense skills. Our Taekwondo classes are led by certified instructors who focus on physical fitness, mental strength, and ethical values. Students gain confidence and resilience, making Taekwondo a valuable addition to their overall development.

Extra Curriculars

Fostering Creativity and Artistic Expression

At HIE High School, we believe that nurturing creativity is as important as academic excellence. Our extracurricular programs provide a vibrant platform for students to explore and develop their artistic talents. Through music, art, dance, and Visual and Performing Arts (VPA), students enhance their creative abilities, build confidence, and express themselves in meaningful ways.

Grades 1 to 5


Our music program offers students the chance to explore various instruments and vocal techniques. With dedicated music rooms and experienced instructors, students learn to appreciate different genres, develop their musical skills, and perform confidently in front of an audience. Music at HIE High School inspires creativity and emotional expression.


The art program at HIE High School encourages students to explore their imagination and creativity. In our spacious art studios, students experiment with different mediums such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. Guided by talented art teachers, they learn various techniques and express their unique perspectives, fostering a love for visual arts.


Our dance program introduces students to various dance forms, promoting physical fitness, rhythm, and coordination. With professional dance instructors and well-equipped dance studios, students learn to express themselves through movement. Dance classes at HIE High School build confidence, discipline, and a sense of achievement, allowing students to shine both on stage and in everyday life.

Grades 6 to 10

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)

Our Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) program for Grades 6 to 10 offers a comprehensive approach to arts education. Students delve deeper into various art forms, including visual arts, music, theater, and dance. With access to advanced studios, performance spaces, and expert instruction, students refine their skills and engage in creative projects that challenge and inspire them. The VPA program fosters artistic excellence, critical thinking, and a deep appreciation for the arts, preparing students to excel in both academic and creative pursuits.

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