Chairman’s Message

I take pleasure in welcoming you to The Hyderabad Institute of Excellence. The students who join here would have displayed tremendous potential by already having a good Academic record. At HIE, they will not only get an opportunity to develop their abilities further but also to expand their horizons.

"Having already demonstrated their potential to stand out in their communities, at HIE they shall aim to further excel. The students will be groomed to be future leaders and role models in their communities."

To many of our students, good education will be a privilege that was not available to their parents. HIE will enable our students to prepare them for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Our teaching staff and administrators are more than just ‘teachers’. They will be friends, mentors, guides and fellow participants in the wonderful and joyful process of teaching and learning.

Welcome to Hyderabad Institute of Excellence.

Ghiasuddin Babukhan